Learn to floss with KidsDental

Learn to floss with KidsDental

Knowing isn’t enough.  It’s the doing that gets me anywhere.  I know how to get to Seattle.  But telling all the stories about Seattle, thinking about Pike Place Market, visiting a Starbucks, or tracing the drive on Google Maps does not actually take me to Seattle.

The same reasoning follows us with our health: like most people, I know if I consume more fruits and veggies, I’ll likely have better health.  But I have to actually ingest those leafy greens for that knowledge to do me any good. It is the action I take based on that knowledge that capitalizes on the benefit of that knowledge.

So how many times has my dentist or hygienist told me to brush and floss daily?  And yet, how many times have I crawled sleepily into bed knowing that I should floss, even looking at the bathroom counter from my bed, and turned over to sleep?  Unfortunately, more times than I’d like to admit.  And I’m a dentist–I’m supposed to be invincible (or at least my teeth should be).

Alas, like my patients, I’m only human.

The next time you think about doing better with your oral health, don’t roll over and go to sleep: get up and do something.  Grab the floss and take it with you to read the news, or watch American Idol, or head to the gym.

Knowing is good.  Doing is better–especially when it comes to your health and hygiene.


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