Make Better Decisions About Your Health

Superfoods: A Holistic Approach for a Happy, Healthy You

superfood blueberries

When it comes to mental health and wellness, it’s no secret that achieving peace of mind involves eating well. Although exercise, self acceptance, and therapeutic methods are all positive aspects of your journey, it isn’t enough to focus on just meditation and medication. Junk food can have negative mental health consequences. That’s why it is […]

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Need a Better Diet Strategy? There’s an App for That


Knowledge is key in the weight loss arena. Given the technological provided by our smartphones and iPads, getting that knowledge is becoming easier and easier. And this information is more and more helpful. Research out of the University of Missouri says mobile technology allows for the integration of healthy behaviors in their daily lives. “Information […]

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Science Points to the Benefits of Human Touch

Holding hands, as well as other forms of human touch, releases chemicals that fight the "stress hormone."

The notions of having a stiff upper lip or being by oneself to figure it all out is nothing new in our society. In fact, loneliness is considered a generally accepted antidote to dealing with our everyday problems. But going it alone to handle things like grief, loss, or depression means neglecting what study after […]

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Does Being Vegetarian Contribute to Depression?


It really is not easy being green. Or at least not if you eating green. A number of studies done by researchers around the country have made the connection between vegetarian diets and mental health conditions. A recent study out of Austria indicates that 9.4 percent of vegetarians had anxiety or depression issues. This compared […]

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The Origins and Growing Spread of Ebola Virus


The Ebola River runs through the Democratic Republic of the Congo in Central Africa and is the headstream of the Mongala River. It was along this river that an unknown and never recorded virus broke out in 1976. It became known as the Ebola Virus. In June 1976 the World Health Organization (WHO) was notified of […]

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What Every CrossFit Enthusiast Needs to Know about Injury and Recovery

crossfit and chiropractic care

Enduring a CrossFit injury is like no other.  Not only is the body extremely vulnerable while CrossFit training, but the mindset of a CrossFit athlete complicates matters.  That’s because for an athlete to commit to the grueling training that CrossFit requires—and love it—they have to be of a certain mentality and that mentality will make […]

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